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With over a century’s experience W.J.Parnis England has built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the maritime industry. The primary services that W.J.Parnis England offers to its clients are as follows:

Ship Agency

Traditional ship agency services have been one of our main activities since our formation. We offer ship agency to owners, inside or outside harbour. Our professionally trained staffs are experienced in the handling of vessels on behalf of owners. The main objective is to provide an efficient cost effective service in the shortest time possible, giving extreme importance to vessel turnaround.

Transhipment Services

This includes all aspect of transhipment services to the ship owner. The Malta Freeport is strategically positioned in the centre of the Mediterranean on a cross roads between East and West Med. It has grown to become one of the largest transhipment hubs in the region. One of W.J. Parnis England’s core competencies is to provide excellent transhipment services to owners, shippers and traders. We have handled over half a million teu’s on behalf of owners and clients.

Freight Forwarding

W.J.Parnis England has built up a network of international partners in every corner of the globe. We are able to book all types of cargo, such as container cargo, loose cargo, project cargo, refrigerated cargo, heavy lift cargo and airfreight to and from any destination word wide.

Ship Registration Under the Malta Flag

W.J.Parnis England was one of the pioneers of ship registration under the Malta Flag. Since its conception over thirty years ago, The Merchant Shipping Act since has provided international ship owners the opportunity to register their vessels under the Malta Flag and to take advantage of the numerous fiscal and legal advantages. Our company has built up a dedicated team that provides the full range of services to ship owners that register vessels under the Malta Flag.

The Company Structure

W.J.Parnis England is a family owned and run business and is run by siblings Stephen Parnis England, Managing Director, Johanna, Nicholas and Robin . Each family member is actively involved in the daily running of the organisation’s businesses. The current generation of Parnis England’s are the fourth generation.


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