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W.J.Parnis England was one of the pioneers of ship registration under the Malta Flag. Since its conception over thirty years ago, The Merchant Shipping Act since has provided international ship owners the opportunity to register their vessels under the Malta Flag and to take advantage of the numerous fiscal and legal advantages. Our company has built up a dedicated team that provides the full range of services to ship owners that register vessels under the Malta Flag.


Ship Registration Information:

  Registration Procedure (DOC)
  Registration Fees and Taxes (DOC)
  Eligibility for Registration (DOC)
  Legislation Link



  Application for Permanent Ship Radio Llicence (PDF)
  Application for Provisional Ship Radio Llicence (PDF)
  Application for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (PDF)
  Application for the Registration of a Vessel (PDF)
  CSR From 2 and 3 (PDF)
  Decleration of Ownership (PDF)
  Registration of a Ship in the name of the International Owner (PDF)
  Request for Quote Registration (DOC)
  Transfer of Ownership Requirements (PDF)
  Safe Manning (DOC)
  Permanent Registration (DOC)
  Radio Licence - Provisional and Permanent (DOC)
  Provisional Registration (DOC)


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