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Parnis England Trucking 30 Years old and committed to emphasising customer service

Parnis England Trucking is celebrating its thirty years of operation this year.  The company started official operations in 1983 and full operations during the preceding year.   The idea was that of Stephen Parnis England at the time fresh out of school and working for a year in W.J. Parnis England to gain some business experience before going to the UK to University.  During this so called ‘Gap Year’ he immediately saw that there was a clear need for a fast and efficient road transport cargo links services between Malta and Europe.  He saw the huge potential it would give  to Maltese traders and industrialists alike who would be able to buy  and import less than container load cargoes (LCL).  This would give  the Maltese importer  the benefit of buying smaller parcels, of cargo on a more regular basis.  Thereby moving away from the traditional full containers or general cargo shipments.    At the time the shipping industry was very restricted and and ruled by Conferences which did not allow shipping lines to call Malta unless they were part of the Conference.  The effects of the Conference on  shipping into Malta was that freight rates were  very high due to the fact that competition was not allowed.  These conferences stayed in place until 1988.  The trucking idea was a very good solution and the beginning of a new era, very exciting times for W.J. Parnis England.   The late Chev. John Parnis England the Managing Director and main shareholder at the time immediately saw the benefits of  his son Stephen’s proposal and was enthusiastic to put the idea into motion as soon as possible.  The first steps were to decide on the trade routes;  identify potential overseas trucking partners;  invest in equipment; evaluate local interest; recruit and train staff;  negotiate good rates with ferry operators Sea Malta.     
The first agreement was made with Anglo Overseas Co Ltd on the UK/Malta/UK route.  The company was a well known UK based trailer operator, operating their own equipment between UK  /  mainland Europe.  The agreement made with this company gave W.J. Parnis England the  opportunity to operate without initially having to invest in its own equipment.  The immediate success on the UK/Malta/UK route immediately spurred W.J. Parnis England to create a new company Parnis England Trucking which would operate independently from W.J.Parnis England.  It also provided  motivation to expand its international agency network to other European destinations and in  investing in its own trailer fleet.  Parnis England Trucking started investing in its own trailer fleet in 1990 and has continued to do so on a regular basis since then. 

The company has expanded considerably since those early days and has grown from an initial annual turnover in the early days of approximately Eur 200,000 to the present  yearly turnover of  several million Euros and increasing on a yearly basis.  Joining the European Union provided Parnis England Trucking with the opportunity to operate within a liberalised market in Europe.  This meant that the company could compete in  trans European cabotage and carry cargoes within Europe which were not destined to Malta.  This provided many benefits to Parnis England Trucking and enabled the company to start competing on a truly international scale, it also assisted with reducing the hefty repositioning of empty equipment costs.  This is a predominant problem prevalent in a heavily import dominated market, such as Malta.
On the export market Parnis England Trucking believes that the excellent quality offered by themselves and other  local trailer operators has assisted local manufacturers and exporters in successfully putting Malta on the map.  Malta’s reputation as a reliable export base despite the fact that it is an island, can be in part attributed to the excellent service offered by the  local trailer operators.  Trailer operators form an integral part of the supply chain management to manufacturer exporters.  There is no room for delays or inefficiency. On this point Stephen Parnis England today’s Managing Director sincerely believes that the Maltese Government should acknowledge the importance  of trailer operators in Malta.  He believes that local trailer operators should benefit from investment subsidies and be given tax credits  in the same way as are offered to export companies, and be offered a dedicated area  for parking  and maintaining trailers.   He  acknowledges the fact that certain investments have been made by the Government like the centralised zone at Hal Far, which serves its purposes but is in need of an upgrade. 
Parnis England Trucking is much younger than its sister company W J Parnis England which was established in 1899 but the company has a clear vision of where it wishes to be in the future.  The company believes that in this era of globalisation  and technology there is room for medium size family company’s who can offer quality personalised service and excellent customer service.  A company with years of experience behind it, with a very experienced older sister and a human voice at the end of the telephone.  Plans for the future are to continually reinvest in its core markets, continue to grow organically and carry on  emphasising its dedication to customer service.  Parnis England Trucking was the first Trailer Operator in Malta to be awarded the quality ISO certification over twelve  years ago.
All this would not have been possible without the dedication and loyalty of the Parnis England Trucking team.  Operational manager Sandro Camilleri has tirelessly worked with Parnis England Trucking from day one and his energy, precision for detail  and enthusiasm has been one of the driving forces behind the success of the company.  The excellent team and low staff turnover reflect the same tradition of loyalty and dedication that the company tries to achieve with dealings with their clients.   The company’s excellent relationship with the local haulier White Bros has also attributed to the success of the company.

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