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W.J.Parnis England and Parnis England Trucking are committed to continual
improvement of existing services. One of the techniques that we use to access the level
of customer satisfaction is using survey and questionnaires. We would appreciate if
your company can participate in our quest for continual improvement by completing
the attached customer satisfaction survey.

Indicate your preference by indicating your score next to each question.

  • 1 = Most Satisfactory
  • 2 = Satisfied
  • 3 = Indifferent
  • 4 = Not Satisfied
  • 5 = Dissatisfied

  Pre Booking Service Level

  • Do you find it difficult to contact us telephonically?
  • Would you prefer to communicate with us using e-mail?
  • Do you generally get the desired attention to your queries
  • Do you find our customer service reliable and efficient?

  Post Booking Service Level

  • How would you rate the overall level of service?
  • Where you charged for services diff. from those quoted?
  • Do you use more then one of our services?
  • Would you recommend our service?

  Overall Experience of service

  • Does our sales team manage to reply to your requests time?
  • Are all stages of booking / shipping / delivery satisfactory?
  • Are you satisfied with the after sales service?
  • Are you a loyal customer or do you ship with another comp
  • Will you use our company again for your next shipment?

  Other Comments

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